Church Leadership
Pastor Norm Labonte
Senior Pastor
Pastor Norm started the Safe Harbor Church ministry on June 3, 2001 from a Bible study in Stockton Springs.

Saved in 1980 by God’s grace, Norm felt the call of the Lord to the ministry while serving as the music leader of a small church in Brunswick, ME. The Lord graciously gave confirmation to both him and his lovely wife Sandi, establishing the call with His Word (Hab. 2:3). They trusted from that day that it would be revealed in His time. Norm served in several churches until 1997, when he became an elder at Calvary Chapel in Bangor. Four years later, in June of 2001, and after 14 years had passed since they answered the call of God, Safe Harbor Church was established.

Richard Thrasher
Richard has provided much-needed and appreciated knowledge, talent and resources to this ministry for many years. He began serving as the treasurer in January of 2016. He and his wife Reshell are among the many faithful servants that make up this part of the body of Christ here at Safe Harbor church.

Neal Flewelling
Secretary/Worship Leader
Neal is a worship leader at Safe Harbor as well as Vice President/Secretary of the church board. He is also a very talented stringed instrument luthier. His website,, shows his craftsmanship and his love of his trade.

Ross Bartlett
Missions Co-ordinator
Ross has had a heart for missions that has proven to be especially helpful for the body of believers at Safe Harbor Church. He has taken like-minded servants to Haiti, New Orleans and Florida on several short-term missions. He is currently in pursuit of his flight credentials, and is a founder of Inspiration Aviation Minstries (IAM). Visit IAM’s website or our Missions page to learn more about this.