From the Pastor

Ask, Seek, Knock, and Find

The LORD has said to ask of Him and it shall be received.
The mountain tall shall be removed, if I have just believed.
Yet still I know that doubts arise and linger in my heart.
They hinder all that He would do; they tear my hopes apart.
I know that I must walk by faith, must trust Him on the way
But all this knowledge is for naught, if from His path I sway.
So keep me LORD, in all I do, upon that street called Straight.
Deliver me from all that hinders, all the things You hate.
You know my heart, my precious LORD, help Thou my unbelief
And open up the floodgates wide; bring swift and sure relief.

The LORD has said to seek and to expect that we shall find.
Whatever is the best for us is all He has in mind.
His promise is to care for us, to help us through each day,
And in our act of seeking it is He who leads the way.

The LORD has said to knock, and see the great door opened wide.
How else can we, who live by faith, expect to get inside?
And what will be the outcome if we dare to enter in?
His answer stands and waivers not – forgiveness from our sin.

So let us ask, and let us seek, and knock with all our heart,
And find the Peace that He, by Grace, is willing to impart.